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Watering the plants

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Water is the main constituent of plants and it also helps plants receive all the needed nutrients. Therefore they should never be short of and you have to water your garden in drought. Some general rules for successful irrigation: Make sure your soil is soft so they receive water and the rain doesn’t flow off […]

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Vegetables A-Z: lettuce

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Lactuca sativa Cultivation It is easy to grow. There are many types. It can be sown to the regular place in the garden at 2 or 3 °C (35-37 °F), or cultivated from seedlings with or without root clod. During germination, it doesn’t like high temperatures and has to be shaded. Always plant in rows […]

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Natural aid to vegetables

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Just as with the chemical solutions, you shouldn’t exaggerate even with herbal ones, as they are very strong and can cause harm. Use them when the plants really need them (not just in any case or frivolously) and test on one plant first. It is best to use them to strengthen the plants and prevent […]

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Vegetable support

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Pole beans, peas, tomato and other tall growing crops need a support, as well as the crops you leave in the garden to get seeds from. You can also make it for cucumbers and squash as it helps them dry quicker in rain and avoid diseased, but it is not recommended for warmer, drier climates. […]

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Vegetables A-Z: sweet corn

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Zea mays L. Cultivation Sow in the regular place outside, when the soil reaches at least 10 °C (50 °F), or cultivate/purchase plants. Plant several times to have fresh corncobs regularly. Don’t plant near the common corn/maize, as cross pollination might reduce its sweetness. Distance between plants 70 cm (27 in) between rows and at […]

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Tools for your garden work

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You will need the next tools for your garden work: Shovel: used for moving soil Spade or digging fork: a spade has a sharp edge and can be used for digging. A fork is more appropriate for weedy grounds and for digging out root crops. Try which one of the two is better for your […]

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Vegetables A-Z: shallot

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Allium cepa Cultivation It is grown from separate bulbs, but some varieties can be sown as well. Put the bulb in the soil with the neck facing upwards. It grows above 7 °C (45 °C), optimum temperatures for growth are around 20 °C (68 °F). Distance between plants At least 30 cm (12 in) between […]

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Vegetables A-Z: rucola

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Rucola selvatica Cultivation It grows best in the cooler part of the year. To have young leaves available for longer time, sow in smaller amounts once a week. Distance between plants It doesn’t need its own garden bed; it can be sown with lettuce or radicchio. If you do plant separately, leave 15 cm (6 […]