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Seeds Considering the conditions on your garden, your knowledge, time and price, you have to decide among sowing outside, growing seedlings or buying seedlings. Each of these has certain pros and cons: direct sowing is cheap and simple, but you cannot control the environmental conditions, and harvest is late. Growing seedlings enables controlling the environment […]

Gardening joke #8

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Ann: ‘The best diet is three leaves of lettuce, one tomato and one pepper. You get vitamins, iron and everything else that you organism needs.’ Her friend: ‘Sounds great! When do you take those – before or after the meal?’

Gardening joke #7

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A bunny comes to a bakery and asks the baker: ‘Do you have a carrot cake?’ The baker says: ‘Unfortunately not.’ The next day the bunny comes to the bakery again and asks: ‘Do you have carrot cake?’ The baker says: ‘No, we don’t.’ The third day the baker makes the carrot cake. When the […]

Gardening has never been as easy as with Tomappo

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Do you know you can get all the knowledge you need for growing delicious and healthy vegetables easy, all in one place? The pocket digital gardening assistant Tomappo, including the mobile app and the web portal, takes you throughout the gardening season easily and concisely. The app was created by a team of young Slovenian […]

About us

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What do a Lego enthusiast, a traveller, a weather witch, a choir singer, and a computer geek have in common? We are friends and family, raised with fresh vegetables from our parents’ garden. Bojan and Tilen: We are brothers and got the idea for a gardening app by watching and helping our father, who has […]