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Tools for your garden work

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You will need the next tools for your garden work:

  • Shovel: used for moving soil
  • Spade or digging fork: a spade has a sharp edge and can be used for digging. A fork is more appropriate for weedy grounds and for digging out root crops. Try which one of the two is better for your soil according to particular moisture and stiffness.
  • Iron rake: for loosening the soil, surface leveling, spreading seeds
  • Hoe: for tilling soil and loosening larger clods
  • Trowel and dibble: for making holes for seedlings
  • Two marking poles and a line: shove one pole on each side and tighten a line between, to sow or plant in straight rows beside the line.
  • Watering can: with a good handle so that you can move it easily and pour all the water out. It is best to work with two watering cans at once, for more proper back support.

You might need additional help:

  • Garden scissors, hand gloves, boots, knee protectors and footstools.
  • A tiller: to loosen the stiff soil after the rain or for new sowing, when you don’t need to dig.
  • A wide digging fork with protected tips: for moving and loading compost.
  • A wheelbarrow: to transport barn manure, compost and soil.
  • Measuring batten: for exact spacing between crops when planting.
  • Machine tiller: for digging, tilling and mixing the soil to prepare for immediate planting. It is recommended for gardeners with larger gardens.

Choose quality equipment, adjusted to your physique and easy and pleasant to work with. Good equipment is an investment for life.

Wash and dry your garden tools if needed, and keep them in a dry and airy place. Regular care prolongs their durability.