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Vegetable support

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Pole beans, peas, tomato and other tall growing crops need a support, as well as the crops you leave in the garden to get seeds from. You can also make it for cucumbers and squash as it helps them dry quicker in rain and avoid diseased, but it is not recommended for warmer, drier climates.

Disinfect the supports that are left from the previous year with boiling water and dry them in the sun.

For plant support you can use:

  • Hazel poles for beans support (6-8 poles in a cone form for more stability; plant 5 bean seeds at each pole)
  • Young dry spruce poles with gnarls or side branches are good for beans and peas
  • Corn is a support as well (plant it 2-3 weeks before beans or cucumbers)
  • Bamboo poles for tomatoes
  • Plastic poles (although crops don’t grow very easy on them)
  • Ropes (well tightened and attached) for beans, peas or cucumbers
  • Fences for cucumbers and squash
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