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Vegetables A-Z: garlic chives

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Allium tuberosum


It is a perennial. It can be sown or transplanted as a part of the adult plan bunches.

Distance between plants

40 cm (15 in) between bunches.


Sunny to half-shaded.


Two bunches per family.

Time of planting

January for sowing. The seeds germinate in two to three weeks.


With home compost.


It doesn’t need a lot of water.

Garlic chive’s good neighbors

Dill, anis, cumin.

Garlic chive’s bad neighbors

Legumes and bean family.

Diseases and pests

It’s not sensitive, but don’t plant it near other bulb vegetables to protect from onion fly.

Garlic chive’s storage

Cut the leaves regularly when they reach at least 15 cm (6 in). Store in the fridge.


It is used like garlic, but it is easier to the stomach and has a milder taste.


The more you cut it the higher yield you get.


It blooms beautifully and can be used in a decorative garden bed.