vzgajanje novozelandske špinače

Vegetables A-Z: New Zealand spinach

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Grow seedlings with root clod in spring. It sows itself in the following years, but doesn’t take transplanting without root clod well.

Distance between plants

At least 40 cm (15 in) between rows.


Sunny to half-shaded.


Up to 5 plants per person.

Time of planting

Prepare the seedlings at the end of March or beginning of April, and transplant to the garden in May; it needs 20 °C (68 °F). It germinates in approx. three weeks.


With home compost. Water occasionally with algae brew.


Ample watering is not needed, but it can help to increase the yield.

New Zealand spinache’s good neighbors

Tomato, Brussels sprout, beans, sweet corn.

New Zealand spinache’s bad neighbors


Diseases and pests

It doesn’t have a lot of natural foes. Keep the soil airy and free of excess water. If lice appear, remove the attacked parts of the plant.

New Zealand spinache’s storage

Pick young leaves and peaks trough the whole year.


Use similarly like common spinach. It contains similar substances.


Seeds are firm and germinate slowly. Soak for a day or two in water before sowing. It is a lush plant that can take a lot of space. Transplanting without a root clod is not good for it.


It is not well known, but it takes heat well and can replace common spinach in summer.