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What do a Lego enthusiast, a traveller, a weather witch, a choir singer, and a computer geek have in common? We are friends and family, raised with fresh vegetables from our parents’ garden.

Tomappo team
The Tomappo team: Tilen, Bojan, Vanja, Marko, Marko

Bojan and Tilen: We are brothers and got the idea for a gardening app by watching and helping our father, who has been gardening his whole life. After retiring, he spends a lot of time in the garden, but also behind the desk – taking notes and planning the gardening season in the winter.

Now in our mid-thirties we wanted to start our own garden but soon realized that we don’t know where to start. Helping with gardening chores is not the same as having your own garden. ツ

So we joined forces with two hard core programmers Marko & Marko, and with the help of a Phd in Meterology (the weather witch Vanja who is actually Bojan’s wife), with the aid of a dozen gardening books and with the support of some of the leading Slovenian gardening experts we started our digital gardening journey – Tomappo.

We believe that garlic, tomatoes and other vegetables were not made for travelling thousands of kilometers before reaching our kitchen. So our mission is to help bring fresh, healthy and tasty vegetables on every plate. But gardening is not just about good food. It also brings relaxation, ease of mind and the feeling of joy and pride in watching how something that started as a small seed grows tall. And since there is a lot of knowledge behind, we want to make it accessible especially to those who, like us, just started with their first garden.