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Vegetables A-Z: cucumbers

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Cucumis sativus


They can be sown directly to their regular spot when the soil temperature reaches at least 15 °C (59 °F). However, usually they are cultivated from seedlings with a root clod.

Distance between plants

At least 1.5 m (4 ft) between rows and at least 0.5 m (1.5 ft) between plants in a row.




One plant per person.

Time of planting

For seedlings with a root clod from beginning of April on; outside one month later. Seeds germinate in 8 days.


They need a lot of nutrients. Fertilize with barn manure or home compost. Use foliage fertilizer with calcium and boron occasionally and water with algae brew.


Water regularly and deeply.

Cucumber’s good neighbors

Sweet corn, broad beans, onion, chives, beans, peas, lamb’s lettuce, kohlrabi, parsley, lettuce, Florence fennel, celery, cabbage garlic, leek, beetroot, basil, cumin, calendula.

Cucumber’s bad neighbors

Radish, black radish, potato, zucchini, melon, watermelon.

Diseases and pests

Ash mould, cucumber blight, fungal mould, mites, thrips, white fly.

Cucumber’s storage

The fruits have to be picked regularly for the plant to keep blooming. Store in the fridge for a few days, freeze or pickle.


Use the fruit, which contains the most beneficial substances during summer. They contain a lot of vitamins and water.


For highest yield, set up support and wind the plant around it. Plant twice a year.


It is good to plant basil near.